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  • Author: W. Hauff
  • Director: Slavi Malenov
  • Scenography: Silva Bachvarova
  • Music: Petar Tzankov
  • Duration: 45min

The young chaliff of Bagdad wishes to be of use to people, to be closer to them and realize their problems. The grand Vizir assures him that going out of the place is dangerous. The Vizir himself prefers the quietness and entertainment of court life.

But the palace turns into a cage for the young Chaliff and he starts to dream of flying out of this cage.

And as it usually happens in tales he has his good luck. Having learned a secret magic word the Chaliff and the Vizir change into storks. But the life of birds turns out to be as much cheerless as people's life.

Fate plays a practical joke on both of them and they are not able to attain their human appearance again. They will remain storks forever, unless with the help of the bewitched owl they manage to outwit the evil magician Kash-nur.

Naturally, everything ends happily.

It is a story about the spiritual impulse of a young man who has to choose the right direc-tion in his life.

And all is told and shown by the classical ways and means of the puppet theatre and by the most complex system of puppets as well - marionettes.

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