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  • Director: Slavcho Malenov
  • Scenography: Silva Bachvarova и Vasil Rokomanov
  • Music: Vladimir Djambazov
  • Duration: 50 мин.

There is always an enchanted and changed into a frog human being in every fairy tale and almost every nation has it in its folklore. And each of these stories usually ends with the revelation of the fact that behind this extremely repulsive outer appearance of the frog a surprisingly beautiful and kind creature is hiding. However, as things happen in stories there should be someone who can break the magic spell.

The same story goes here in our performance. There are formidable obstacles appearing as questions before the Prince and his beloved girl and a lot of encounters giving answers - with the Spirit of the Sea, the Little Old Woman of the Water, the Wave, the Whirlpool and the Islet.

This is a performance pondering on the significance of true love, the one that every human being is craving for.

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