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  • Author: Lilyana Bardievska
  • Director: Hristina Arsenova
  • Scenography: Emeliana Toteva
  • Music: Svetlin Petkov
  • Duration: 45min.

To the North of South the Kingdom of Lace extended – white, beautiful and cold. There reigned the White Queen who had a daughter – tender and fragile.

To the South of North far and wide the Kingdom of Embroidery extended – colourful, warm and beautiful. There reigned the Many-coloured Queen who had a son – amazingly colourful.

“We must reveal the beauty of the white colours to them!”, the White said to themselves. “We must reveal the beauty of the gay colours to them!”, the Colourful said to themselves. And they declared war to each other.

The princess of Lace did not realize this war and she wanted to see all these unknown colours. The prince of Embroidery did not grasp the meaning of being at war with their neighbours either and the unknown whiteness really aroused his curiosity.

“Is white a colour?”he asked his general. “It stains colours” the general answered angrily.

However the Prince of Embroidery and the Princess of Lace wanted to find out the truth about the other world on their own. So they met at the border secretly and fell in love with each other. But the Queen mothers did not like this kind of love. They ordered the kidnapping of their children and locking them up in the towers.

What happened after that and did the queens punish the prince and the princess or simply impose a punishment on themselves?

   Come and see our performance if you want to know.

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