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  • Author: by Pushkin
  • Director: Emiliya Malenova
  • Scenography: Silva Bachvarova
  • Music: Malen Malenov
  • Duration: 40min

This play is one of the many versions of the tale about the beauty and the beast. It is a story about love as a spiritual need, as a part of life and the meaning of life.

Blonde is her old father’s favorite daughter. In order to meet her wishes to receive the most beautiful flower in the world – the Scarlet Flower, her father draws down its owner’s anger upon himself. And the owner of the Scarlet Flower was not just anybody but the Ugly Monster.

To rescue her father Blonde goes to serve the Monster. She believes she could soften Monster’s animosity towards them both by showing kindness. And she succeeds. The Monster falls in love with Blonde and she becomes attached to him as well.

Their happiness gives rise to the Witch’s envy and she is the one who wants to rule over the Forest Castle. So she misleads Blonde’s sisters to do evil and casts a spell on the good girl.

However love breaks the spell. It turns the Ugly Monster into a handsome prince. Thus the Scarlet Flower brings together two loving hearts.

  This is a real piece of fine theatre performed by rod puppets.

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