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  • Author: Charles Perrout
  • Director: Leo Capon
  • Scenography: Vasil Rokomanov
  • Music: Georgi Minkov
  • Duration: 40min

 Everybody knows the story about the little Red Riding Hood. And so do we. But we will tell you the story the way we alone can – with lots of songs, cheerful characters and a series of hilarious and terrifying occurrences.

You know already that the little Red Riding Hood loved her grandma very much but her granny lived at the far end of the forest. The path to her house went through this forest and hid serious dangers and great surprises – you can meet anyone there! That could be even the fearful wolf!

Do you think the little Red Riding Hood will be afraid of the fearful wolf and give up taking some eggs, some milk and sweet pastry to her grandma?

I wonder if the wolf would eat up her granny! And who would rescue her? And what would be the end of all this? We’ll tell you everything…

So the story opens with “ once upon a time there was a small beautiful house. There in that small house lived a mother with her daughter, a rooster with his hen and a very hungry woodworm. It was lovely weather, the sun was shining and here it is what happened…”

        Enjoy yourself!

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