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  • Author: Maria Banova
  • Director: Maria Banova
  • Scenography: Maria Banova
  • Music: Dimo Stoyanov
  • Възраст: 1-6
  • Duration: 30 min

This is a visual and inventive performance made for the youngest children. A child can get acquainted with the world through the game!

And theatre affords us with the lovely opportunity to give knowledge through the game!

This is a different, very amusing and playful show which makes us familiar with the four seasons. The child will recognize each season by the clothes the actors wear, by the weather changes as well as the way nature changes all through the show and by a lot of entertaining conjuring tricks.

It is a non-verbal performance that arouses the child’s curiosity.

The beautiful music combines well with the cheerful staging and excellent acting.

 It’s appropriate for children ages between 1-6.

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