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  • Author: Brothers Grimm
  • Director: Todor Valov
  • Scenography: Hristina Nedeva-Mladenovich
  • Music: Plamen Mirchev - Mirona
a musical fairy tale after the Brothers Grimm
If you feel sad or bored we will try and make you laugh in a theatrical way, we’ll drive away your bad mood with the help of music and songs.
For the true lovers and connoisseurs of laughter we have a real variety of it:
theatrical laughter
ironic laughter
sarcastic laughter
gloating laughter
sincere and insincere laughter
ridicule laughter
The Golden Goose is our playful attempt with the help of music and puppets to poke fun at human foolishness and greediness, envy and vanity. The great variety of laughter is the only cure for all these illnesses of human mind, heart and soul.
You should be careful not to be dazzled by the glitter of stupidity, the exuberant scenery, costumes and puppets and taken prisoner by Greed and Envy!

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