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  • Director: Slavcho Malenov
  • Scenography: Vasil Rokomanov
  • Кукли: Silva Bachvarova
  • Music: Peter Tzankov
  • Duration: 70 min

The little Doroty wishes to get away from her humdrum native place and go and live somewhere else more interesting.

And she really gets into a wonderful Fairy-land but she misses her homeland and that  again makes her unhappy.

She believes that the great Wizard of Ozz will take her back home  if she helps three creatures to fulfil their dearest wishes.

But Ozz proves to be no wizard at all and Doroty and her friends have to cope with their problems all alone.

The question is if they will be successful, if the Scarecrow will get Mind, the Tin-plate Man – Heart and the Lion – Courage.

Will Doroty find out that she has been wearing magic shoes all the time which could have brought her back home ?

The performance has been settled as a musical. Twenty marionettes in the hands of six actors sing and dance on the stage.They all re-create the marvellous story of little Doroty and the Wizard of Ozz.

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