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  • Author: W. Hauff
  • Director: Slavi Malenov
  • Scenography: Vasil Rokomanov
  • Music: Malen Malenov
  • Duration: 45min

Muk is an agreeable little boy who has lost his parents very early and because of that he eager to find what he lacks most in his life – love and beauty.

The secret of the flying slippers and the power of the magic wand which he finds in his evil-minded mistress's closet, give him the opportunity to escape away from her place and try his luck round the world. And he is really successful – he gets a position at the Royal palace.

There he earns the king's good-will as well that of princess Amarza who he entertains a lot with his songs and dancing. But he draws down the king's counsellor's anger, hatred and envy upon himself as he appears to hinder counsellor's great ambitions. Wrongfully accused by the counsellor the little Muk is driven way from the kingdom.

Having lost everything he realizes that neither money nor any magical powers can make somebody really happy. Only tolerance and humanity have the power to create warmth and affection between people. And in this world every single piece has its particular place, and sometimes even the tiniest pieces are of utmost significance.

It's a story that tells us that he who has a noble heart, is the one truly rich.

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