Autor: English fairy tale
Director: Emiliya Malenova
Scenography: Silva Bachvarova
Music: Petar Tzankov
Duration: 35
Actors: Greta Krysteva // Ivaylo Enev // Rumyana Kraleva

Two girls, two princesses grow up together. What does it matter if Ann is more beautiful than Kate? Kate is such a kind-hearted person that she wouldn’t dream of envying her stepsister. The two girls are happy and love each other.

Everything would have been all right but had it not been for the evil-minded stepmother. She decides to take away Ann’s beauty from her by using magic. And she is successful. But as a result she loses the love of her own child. Kate together with Ann start on a journey to look for the cure that will bring back Ann’s beauty.

The play uses themes from an English folk-tale of the same name.

 Extremely exquisite marionettes, wonderful scenography and perfect acting is what really gives pleasure to every connoisseur of the puppet theatre art with this performance.

This is another beautiful story about the victory of Love over Hatred, of Kindness over Selfishness.

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